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Paper Conversion

Paper Conversion
by lam_borghini on 11/24/05 at 19:59:57

I've searched through many websites to find out how many sheets of standard size 8.5x11" paper equals 1 Ream. I know that there are other units used to specify the quantity of paper. Please, I'd like to know. I couldn't find any answers. Could you help me?

Re: Paper Conversion
by Robert Fogt on 11/25/05 at 02:25:41

A ream is 500 sheets.

The original definition of a ream, now called a short ream, is 480 sheets, though this is no longer used.

Another unit of paper counting is the quire, which is 25 sheets for the current definition or 24 sheets for the obsolete definition. Making a ream equal to 20 quires.

A dictionary of paper terminology can be found here:

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