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Determining total before discount

Determining total before discount
by Kysha Harris on 11/28/05 at 23:57:32

I have a business where I get a discount at a store.  The store discounts each item so I don't know the total before the discount if I don't manually add all of the items together myself.

Here is the equation I have come up with.  I just don't know how to solve it:

    X                -                        .10X                    =              Y (ex. $125)
"the total     minus        10% discount of total    equals     any variable"

please help me.  You will be helping me to use my brain cells for good and not for evil.

Re: Determining total before discount
by Robert Fogt on 12/04/05 at 04:42:24

I thought I answered this already, sorry for the late reply.

You could use this formula instead:

x * 0.9 = y

Subtracting 10 percent is the same as multiplying by 90 percent.

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