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ppm of NH3-N

ppm of NH3-N
by Mike on 12/15/05 at 10:54:20

I have an issue.  I have a 500 gallon tank in which I will be adding aqua ammonia (25%) to.  I will need to add enough to reach a level of 300 ppm of NH3-N.  I would like to know how much aqua ammonia I will have to add in ounces.

Thank you for your time.,


Re: ppm of NH3-N
by Robert Fogt on 12/16/05 at 21:53:34

Pure water has a density of about 1 kg/L

500 gallons = 1893 liters = 1893 kg

300 ppm = 300 mg/kg

So you have 1893 kg you will need 300 * 1893 = 567,900 mg of NH3-N

567900 milligram = 567.9 gram

So that is how many grams of pure Ammonia Nitrogen you need. Just not sure of the density of the stuff you have so I cannot convert that to a unit of volume.

If it has the same density of water (not likely but an ok estimate) it would require about 19 ounces.

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