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Arsenic in Well water

Arsenic in Well water
by jana steiner on 12/15/05 at 15:49:36

Hi, from Homer, Alaska...

My question is for anyone who knows anything about arsenic contamination in well water?

 I recently purchased land, had a well dug (78 feet) and happily sent the test sample off to the state lab upon hitting a decent flow of water.. The arsenic test came back at above 220 ug/l , in leiu of an expensive treatment system, we drilled again, in a new location.. (200 feet) LO and behold! The Arsenic test came back from the lab, at a level of 419 ug/l !! does anyone know if this measurement is comprable to ppm, ppb, or what? and any ideas for how to eliminate arsenic? thanx..

Re: Arsenic in Well water
by Robert Fogt on 12/16/05 at 21:58:05

For pure water,
ppm = mg/L
ppb = ug/L

Though I have no idea what to do about the arsenic.

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