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Traverse Area Calculator

This calculator determines the area of an irregular polygon using a traverse method given side lengths and bearings in degrees. You may wish to first post in the message forum, and only use this calculator if directed to by someone there.

Run Length Bearing
[ °/' /" ] or decimals
Final 0 0
  • Length: 0
  • Area: 0
  • Closure: 0
  • Ratio: 1

All lengths must use the same unit (feet, meters, yards, etc.). The closure is given in the same unit. Area is given in the square of that unit (sq ft., mē, sq yds., etc.).

All bearings are given in decimal degrees or in format: degrees/minutes/seconds. North is 0 degrees, East is 90, South 180, West 270 degrees.

The first blank or 0 length ends the measurements. Although the application will automatically generate the closure, please make sure to close the area for yourself, or to, at least, be close to the start point when finishing the input.


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