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  • The SI System An article describing what the SI system of units is.
  • Metric System An article describing the differences between the various metric systems.
  • The meter An article defining the meter as used in the metric system, both past and present.
  • Traditional U.S. Units An article describing the traditional units of measurement used throughout the United States.
  • Imperial System An article describing the Imperial System of units. Traditional units of measurement used throughout the United Kingdom and its colonies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • FAQ 01 Square Feet to Cubic Feet? How to convert Square (something) to Cubic (something)?
  • FAQ 02 IU to milligrams? How do I convert International Units (IU) to milligrams?
  • FAQ 03 Volume to Weight or Weight to Volume? How do I convert cups to grams, or grams to cups, or any substance expressed in volume to weight, or weight to volume?
  • FAQ 04 What is Linear Feet? How do I convert it to feet? How do I convert it to square feet?
  • FAQ 05 How do I read a ruler?
  • FAQ 06 How do I enter numbers in Scientific Notation?
  • FAQ 07 What is a knot? What is a nautical mile?
  • FAQ 08 What about rainfall? How do I convert between inches of rain, and millimeters of rain?
  • FAQ 09 What is the difference between the long ton, short ton, and metric ton?
  • FAQ 10 How do I convert between candle power and watts?
  • FAQ 11 At what temperature are Celsius and Fahrenheit the same?


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