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Degrees F = to # of watts

Degrees F = to # of watts
by Laura on 01/03/02 at 18:59:46

I need to convert degrees F into Watts.

These are the F degrees and I need to know what size watt Soldering Iron to buy.

Soft = 1325 F
Medium 1390 F
Hard = 1425 F

If you have a 117V 20w soldering iron, what Degrees F does it max at ? ???

Re: Degrees F = to # of watts
by Robert Fogt on 01/09/02 at 06:03:32

I did some searching and found that the temperature of the soldering iron depends on the watts, and the tip. The same iron can reach different temperatures depending on what tip is installed.

Perhaps calling a saleman will help. They can make sure you buy a soldering iron that will work for you. I know most store sales people are just kids making minumum wage and wont be able to help you, but the sales people at the manufacturers will know what you need.

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