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convert liquid-20mg to tablespoon

convert liquid-20mg to tablespoon
by Gloria E. Rios on 02/15/02 at 20:27:55

I have to take a liquid iron -20mg. and I want to know how many teaspoonfull I have to take? or tablespoon?

Re: convert liquid-20mg to tablespoon
by Ray Viv on 02/17/02 at 07:34:16

I have a medicine cup showing 20 ml. as equal to 4 tsp. (3tsp. is equal to 1 tbsp.) I hope that helps.

Re: convert liquid-20mg to tablespoon
by Robert Fogt on 02/17/02 at 11:25:27

I think Gloria is looking for weight (mg) not volume (ml)

In the U.S. we use volume for stuff like that, but other countries such as the United Kingdoms they use weight.

I think someone mentioned before that in the U.K. they just weigh stuff like that. Though that would be a problem in the U.S. since scales are not common.

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