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Measuring for Paving

Measuring for Paving
by savilljohnson on 03/17/02 at 09:24:49

I have two outside areas that I want to pave. They are 14 feet x 21.6 feet and 12 feet x 16 feet. I need to work out what this is in per 10m square for ordering flagstones. Help !!

Re: Measuring for Paving
by Robert Fogt on 03/17/02 at 17:01:15

Well you can convert to square meters easy enough.

14 feet = 4.2672
21.6 feet = 6.58368
4.2672 x 6.58368 = 28.093879296 square meters.

12 feet = 3.6576
16 feet = 4.8768
3.6576  x 4.8768 = 17.83738368 square meters.

I am not sure what you mean by 10m square flagstones though.  If each flagstone is 10 square meters they would be about 3.16m x 3.16m.

Now if you just went by area, it would take 3 flagstones to cover the first area, but I am not sure that is what you mean.

The first area is 4.2672 meters wide which is 2 flagstones (with a little left over) and 6.58368 meters long which is 3 flagstones (with some left over) for a total of (3 x 2) or 6 flagstones.

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