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Converting darcy to micron

Converting darcy to micron
by indigofeli on 04/10/02 at 14:04:02

Could some one tell me if there is a conversion factor for converting from darcys to microns. The problem I'm trying to solve is - if I have a formation with a permeability of 20 darcy what is the largest size particle in microns that would pass through that formation.

Re: Converting darcy to micron
by Robert Fogt on 04/12/02 at 03:38:18

I have this conversion:

1 darcy (20 C) = 9.8692327e-13 square meter

That is in area though. You can convert to square microns, but not to microns.

Hopefully the above conversion factor will help you. I'd have to do a bunch more reading up on permeability before I could help you.

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