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Conversion measurement

Conversion measurement
by osolaita on 05/23/02 at 08:02:52

I am having difficult time of converting a situation. Here is the scenario. Length (ft) is 2.33 and width (ft) is 0.98 and height (ft) is 1.39. and unit weight is 44 lbs. all that is equals to 3.18 in cubic foot per carton. Also the carton count is 25. Could you please help to convert the length and weight and height in inches. This has been a pain in the neck. I have been working on this scenario for two days. I would really appreciate your help.

Thank you,

Oceanside Solaita

Re: Conversion measurement
by Robert Fogt on 05/23/02 at 10:01:14

To convert length in feet to length in inches, just multiply by 12.

L = 2.33 ft = 27.96 in
W = 0.98 ft = 11.76 in
H = 1.39 ft = 16.68 in

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