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Weight to bits

Weight to bits
by Joshua McDonell on 07/19/02 at 17:28:02

???   This is nuts!!!  Weird question, but nobdy has an answere!  Ok, How many computer bits is 10 milligrams?  This has to do with converting the bodies electrical enrgy into a bitstream. Don't ask.  

Re: Weight to bits
by Robert Fogt on 07/20/02 at 10:49:37

I do not know the answer, but maybe can toss some ideas at you. The question certainly seems weird. :)

Computer bits could possibly weigh as little as one electron, depending on the thickness of the wire. Since electricity is passed by filling the electron hole. The weight of this missing neutron would be measured in "atomic mass units" (amu) or in biochemestry it is called the "Dalton" (Da)

Lets say the wire is extremely thin, just a string of copper atoms. Then a computer bit is equal to 1 amu.

1 amu is 1.66053873 e 10[sup]-24[/sup] grams

That means that
computer bits would weigh 10 grams

This was very much just a guestimate, as I am just throwing ideas out there. Please do not use this information for anything. I certainly don't want to see this popping up in a journal someplace when it most likely is not correct. :)

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