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converting watts to amps

converting watts to amps
by Carroll Cauthen on 08/07/02 at 07:59:56

I'm looking to purchase a generator to take camping....  However, the generator's output is in Watts, all the appliances (Air Conditioner, etc) list their specs in amps.  How can I tell what I can and can't run on the generator???  can someone provide me a formula or a website that will help me with this delimma?

Re: converting watts to amps
by Robert Fogt on 08/07/02 at 15:36:53

You can calculate if you also know the voltage.

The formula is:
P = V * I

P is power in Watts
V is voltage in Volts
I is current in Amps

Watts = Volts times Amps

So if your air conditioner is 15 amps, you just need to multiply it by the voltage. Household appliances in the U.S. use 120 volt.

Watts = 15 * 120 = 1800 Watts

Re: converting watts to amps
by Carroll on 08/08/02 at 08:05:44

thanks!! ;D

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