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weighted GPA

weighted GPA
by jole on 09/08/02 at 08:01:23

my grandson has a weighted GPA of 4.3125. Please explain what it means by weighted using a simple explanation that I can understand. He ranks 8 in his sr. class. Thankyou, Jole

Re: weighted GPA
by Robert Fogt on 09/08/02 at 16:13:49

It means your grandson is taking classes that are much more difficult.  Your grandson must be really smart, congratulations.

Some schools offer classes that are much more difficult then regular classes, or often it is the same class but the teacher gives extra work. These tough classes are called "Weighted Classes".

Weighted Classes are based on a different Grade Point system. A = 5.0, B = 4.0, C = 3.0, D = 1.0, F = 0 (there is no 2.0)

Because of the Rigor of the weighted classes, your grandson might receive a grade lower than what he is used to. Like he is getting a B+ average in the weighted classes. The weighted GPA is to show you that if he were in regular classes, he would be getting an A++ average.

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