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cc to square meters

cc to square meters
by shelia on 01/13/03 at 08:21:37

My problems?
if 0.1 cc of corn oil spreads over a water surface of 40 square meters (1 molecule thick) what is the size (length) of a single molecule?

Also, if a pond can be completely covered with a minimum of 150 cc of corn oil, what is the pond's surface area?  

Re: cc to square meters
by Mark Doldon on 01/14/03 at 15:11:22

Hi sheila

Can't help you on the molecule size question, but wouldn't the answer to the pond area be

150/.1*40 = 60,000 sq m?

Re: cc to square meters
by Robert Fogt on 01/15/03 at 03:53:47

Volume = Length * Width * Height
Area = Length * Width

Volume = Area * Height
Height = Volume / Area

Though all the units need to be the same, so we should convert the 40 square meters to square centimeters.

Height = 0.1 cm / 400,000 cm

The height of 1 molecule of the oil is:
0.00000025 centimeters (or 2.5 nanometers)

For your other problem,
Area = Volume / Height

150 cm / 0.00000025 cm = 600,000,000 cm
which is 60,000 m (as Mark posted)

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