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metric to us conversion

metric to us conversion
by mrb35 on 04/01/03 at 10:24:08

need to convert LT/h x 300 x 85 for total consumption.  thanks.

Re: metric to us conversion
by db49ers on 04/14/03 at 22:34:46

Can you give more information?
I think that is why no one has posted to help you.

Re: metric to us conversion
by mrb35 on 04/15/03 at 07:52:22

hi david, thanks for the reply. i found this site tring to convert the problem i posted. what i was doing was to size a tire curing press for retreading tires. using the techical features for the proposed machine. all of the spec is in metric,  for each machine. example; max. air pressure Bar , 15. air consumption Lt/h, 300. steam consumption when running Kg/h, 35. electrical consumption [steam heating] Kw/h. electrical consumption [steam heating] Kw/h, .03. the above figures are for a single machine. with 100 proposed machines its a sizeable capacity for the plant. which smiley should i use? i hope this info helps. steve

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