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Converting Furlongs/Feet pe sec.

Converting Furlongs/Feet pe sec.
by bellw on 05/15/03 at 05:51:52

I would like to know how to convert furlongs and speed to feets per sec. Example: A horse travels 2 furlongs @ 22.1 seconds. How would convert that to feet traveled per second? I see the chart to convert that but it has furlongs/min not secs? Thanks

Re: Converting Furlongs/Feet pe sec.
by Robert Fogt on 05/15/03 at 10:56:56

1 furlong is about 660 feet
2 furlongs is (660*2) = 1320 feet
1320 feet / 22.1 seconds = 59.7285 feet/second

The formula would be:
(furlongs * 660) / seconds

Technically, a furlong is a survey unit, and would be 660 survey feet long, or 660.00132 international feet long. Using that you would get 59.7286 feet/second

But I have no idea if the horse industry is still using the obsolete survey foot, or the modern international foot. But since the result is so close, no matter which unit you use, I would stick with 1 furlong = 660 feet.

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