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US cup to UK cup

US cup to UK cup
by db49ers on 06/13/03 at 22:01:51

Is a US measuring cup equal to a UK measuring cup?
What is the difference between the two if it is a dry measurement (US or UK)or a liquid measurement (US or UK)? Now I always thought that dry measuring cup was not the same as a liquid measuring cup. The volume is different. Ofcourse, I had to go to the kitchen check! I filled one dry cup with water and it measured one liquid cup. I swear it was suppose to be different! Go figure!

Re: US cup to UK cup
by Robert Fogt on 06/14/03 at 02:16:16

There are some cases where there are different volumes for dry and liquid units.  Such as pint, quart, gallon, etc.

But the difference is so small, that in cooking, you wont notice any difference if you use a dry or liquid measuring cup.

This comes about (my guess) from very long ago, when the cup was based on the gallon, which was based on the barrel. But since dry goods settled during shipping, they had a different sized barrel for dry goods.  So dry goods ended up having a different sized cup. But the difference is just so small you wouldn't notice until after several hundred cups.

Re: US cup to UK cup
by db49ers on 06/14/03 at 22:57:30

Thanks for the reply!
I knew that 8 ounces is equal to one cup, liquid or dry. I also knew that a US gallon was different than a UK gallon. (Someone told me the UK do not use a cup as a measuring unit. Is this true?) A US liquid gallon is equal to 16 cups. A US dry gallon is equal to 18.623842 cups. So it would seem that there is a difference between a dry cup and a liquid cup. A liquid cup is 0.8591136 of a dry cup. Correct?
I am working on a program to convert recipes for buffet use. So it would make a difference is a recipe is multiplied 200 times.
Thanks again.

Re: US cup to UK cup
by Robert Fogt on 06/15/03 at 02:12:32

In the UK, a liquid cup is the same volume as a dry cup.

Though I think you are correct, that they do not use the cup for measuring in cooking. I believe they usually weigh things.  Most recipes are in grams.

For the different volumes, visit the volume conversion page here:

Enter 1 as the value, and you will be able to get the conversion factor for different volumes. Liquid and dry cups, gallons, pints, etc..

Re: US cup to UK cup
by db49ers on 06/22/03 at 18:28:58

The UK cup is 1.20095 times bigger than the US cup so:

US cup x 1.20095 = UK cup

The cup is a measure of volume so the dry and liquid use is relative.

UK cup x 0.0002841306 = cubic metre
US cup x 0.0002365882 = cubic metre

Thats what I've been able to find out!
Thanks again!

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