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This web site is cool!

This web site is cool!
by Marina on 08/08/03 at 08:58:16

[b][/b][i][/i][glow=red,2,300][/glow] [color=Purple][/color] Hi, everyone! I just wanted to say that this web site is pretty cool.  I just found out that I weigh 119 pounds! Yay! I'm also 5'6 tall. Just a couple of useless facts for you! *LOL* Sorry, it's just that I've always measured weight in kilograms and height in metres and I never knew how to convert it, so I'm pretty excited! Ha ha Anyway, I think this web site is very useful and I'll definitely use it in the future if I need to convert something into something. If anyone would like to chat, please E-mail me any any day, any time, any place! He he he I'm an 18-year-old girl and I live in Melbourne, Australia. Bye!  :-*  ::)  :P  :)  ;)  ;D   :D

Re: This web site is cool!
by AmericanGuy on 08/18/03 at 16:01:22

I have to agree, the site is great to have when you need to convert to any units--especially when those units are unfamiliar to you.

But let's see...  You're an 18-year-old Australian, 5'6" and 119 pounds?  Can we meet?   ;D ;) :P

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