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Calculating Time Percentages

Calculating Time Percentages
by Breeze on 09/26/03 at 21:12:48

Hello All! Great site by the way!

Okay, here's my problem...

I work as a independent contractor doing customer service for a call center and I'm paid by talk time; not hourly.  Different shifts have different "talk-time" rates.  The shift I work most often pays 0.17 per minute.  I need be able to calculate what shifts are the busiest based on talk time.  

For example, I worked/logged on for a 9am-11am shift which is 2 hours (or 120 minutes), but my talk time was 1 hr and 29 minutes (or 89 minutes).  I'm trying to figure out what percentae of the time I was logged on was I talking (aka getting paid).  

I need a calculator or excel formula so I can determine which times to schedule are more profitable.   ???

The main problem is converting time to decimals and or percentages (I hope that made sense).

I apologize that my1st post was so long, but any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks!  :)

Re: Calculating Time Percentages
by Robert Fogt on 09/26/03 at 23:57:39

Just divide the minutes you work, by the total number of minutes possible. That will give you the decimal number. Multiply by 100 to get the percentage

For example, you worked 89 mintues out of a possible 120, so:
89 / 120 = 0.741667
0.741667 * 100 = 74.1667%

So you worked about 74% of the time.

The entire formula would be:
(minutes worked / minutes possible) * 100 = % of time worked

Re: Calculating Time Percentages
by Breeze on 09/27/03 at 00:10:28

Thank you so much!  Geeze...why do answers seem so obvious AFTER you hear them?  ::)  Convert the decimal to a percentage...duh!  :-[ It's all coming back to me now...Thanks again!  You rock!  ;D

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