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convert flow rate to pressure ?

convert flow rate to pressure ?
by bluemoon on 03/02/04 at 01:38:52

is it possible to convert flow rate (say 10 litres per min) to pressure (say 1 bar). I've tried several sites on the net but this one seems the most promising.
Interesting site and nicely layed out

Re: convert flow rate to pressure ?
by Robert Fogt on 03/02/04 at 02:45:07

There is no direct conversion between the two. It would depend on too many other factors than just the flow rate.

You can have a flow rate of 0, but still have lots of pressure, or a very high flow rate still with lots of pressure. That in itself shows its not going to be any direct conversion.

While I'm sure its possible, I am not aware of any formula to do it.

If you were able to calculate it, such as measuring the pressure with a guage, it would be specific to your circumstances.

Re: convert flow rate to pressure ?
by bluemoon on 03/02/04 at 07:09:59

thanks for prompt reply

Re: convert flow rate to pressure ?
by Albert on 03/07/04 at 02:28:04

There is no relationship between flow and pressure in the sense that you can convert the one into the other.
Like there is no way you can convert Voltage into Current (Amperes)
These are diffrent entities

However there can be a relationship between the two.
If there is a waterflow trough a hose, when pressure is increased, the flow will also increase.

And there are instruments that use the relation between the two: venturies, Pitot tubes aircraftwings, etc.

There are formulas for the relation between pressure and flow in certain situations.


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