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international units to miligrams

international units to miligrams
by ryand on 03/08/04 at 14:32:18

I take lecitin , the dosage used to be in IUs now it's in Mgs The pharmacy doesn't know what the conversion factor is. I'm trying to scale 1200 IU's to an equivellant Mg

Re: international units to miligrams
by Robert Fogt on 03/09/04 at 09:20:58

Pharmacists are the people who should know. Its what they do.  You might try calling one of the large pharmacy chains, like Rite Aid, which probably has a 1-800 number.

An IU is a international standard of an agreed upon biological effect.  Every substance is different, and many drugs dont have an IU conversion because their potency differs with how they are prepared.

1 IU of insulin is 45.5 ug, 1 IU of Vitamin A is 0.3 ug, 1 IU of Vitamin D is 25 ng. So you see how the conversion differs between various drugs and vitamins.

You could also try contacting the manufacture of the drug. They may have a website with information.

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