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rpm to kph

rpm to kph
by James Mcewen on 05/31/04 at 02:48:24

is this possible?? ???  if so what is 8300rpm to kph?
Thanks nice site to has helped me a lot  ;) :)

Re: rpm to kph
by Robert Fogt on 05/31/04 at 15:05:06

It depends on the circumference of the object. A wheel with a circumference of 1 meter rotating at 8300 RPM will be traveling at 8300 meters per minute.

But if this is for a car, which I assume is, then there are other problems. I think RPM, is the engine RPM, not wheel RPM, which means you can't directly convert them.

Though I am not possitive if it is Engine RPM or Wheel RPM, so you should probably wait for another answer.

Re: rpm to kph
by Wayne Pedersen on 06/01/04 at 23:17:38

The RPM guage in the car is engine rpm.

I'm no conversion expert, but I would think one would need the speed (MPH) and either circumference or diameter of the wheel to be able to calculate wheel RPM.

Re: rpm to kph
by Albert on 06/06/04 at 10:48:21

Yes you can calculate speed from engine RPM.

If you have the engine rpm, you know the gear ratio in the gearbox and diffrential, you can calculate the wheel rpm. if you have the wheel rpm and radius you can calculate the car speed at this engine rpm.

Gear ratio's are supplied in your car manual or with the gearbox specs, so is the diffrential ratio somewhere in the manual.


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