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by buggs on 09/05/04 at 15:31:51

new here and have a quick question...given that 1.00inches of rain falls evenly over a 40.0 acre plot...how many gallons of rain have fallen?  how would i do the conversion???thanks

Re: chemistry
by Robert Fogt on 09/06/04 at 00:48:19

The formula for area and volume are:

Area = Length * Width
Volume = Length * Width * Height
Volume = Area * Height

You know the Area is 40 acres, and the height is 1 inch, you just need to convert them to the same basic unit, such as inches.  On the area conversion page we find that:
40 acre = 250,905,600 square inch

So then we can calculate:
250,905,600 square inches * 1 inch = 250,905,600 cubic inches

Now we go to the volume conversion page to convert that to gallons.

250,905,600 cubic inch = 1,086,171.4285714 gallon [US, liquid]

Re: chemistry
by buggs on 09/06/04 at 05:34:45

thank you very much for your help...i really appreciate it! :)

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