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Parshall Flume Flowrate Calulation

Parshall Flume Flowrate Calulation
by Kirk_Irick on 10/23/04 at 14:51:34

Found formula but need enlightened as how to work formula.
Q = Ch^- Qe
Q = Flow-rate [discharge] through flume in cubic meter/second
C = 8  (Parshall flume constant [empirical units].)
h = .445008  meter  (Measured upstream head / depth)
^ = n (Parshall flume coefficient)
n = 1.60
Qe = CsQ3 in cubic meter / second   (Purpose is for the reduction in flow-rate due to submergence)
Cs = (.3812)b  (Submergence coefficient [unit-less]. This is not the submergence ratio.)
b = 3.6576 meter  (Throat width of flume)
Q3 = .99 cubic meter/second  (Reduction in flow-rate due to submergence)
H = .44196 meter (Measured downstream head / depth)
H/h = Submergence ratio        

 ??? ::)

Re: Parshall Flume Flowrate Calulation
by Robert Fogt on 10/24/04 at 03:55:19

I do not know first hand about flumes, but did find a site with information, plus a Java flume calculator.


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