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ounces/linear yd -> grams/linear meter

ounces/linear yd -> grams/linear meter
by hohokus on 03/10/05 at 11:58:01

hi -

i need to convert ounces per linear yard to grams per linear meter (and the reverse). i've tried searching the forum already, but haven't found anything relevant..

i think i've got this worked out, but i can't find anything to compare my results with, so it's a little hard to be sure i'm right. :)

what i'm doing is this:
( oz per lin yd * 28.3495 ) * 0.9144 = gm per lin mt

for example, a fabric that's 23.75 oz/lin yd would end up as 615.6660915 gm/lin mt.

does my math work, or should i be doing this differently?

thanks -

Re: ounces/linear yd -> grams/linear meter
by Robert Fogt on 03/10/05 at 16:04:10

To calculate the conversion factor, you start with the basic units.

For this:
ounces/yard to grams/meter

You would use this formula:
(ounces to grams)/(yard to meter)

You need to know this:
ounces to grams
yards to meters

1 ounce = 28.349523125 gram
1 yard = 0.9144 meter

Now calculate:
ounce/yard * (28.349523125/0.9144) = gram/meter

Your conversion factor is 31.0034154910324, which we can just round to 31.

23.75 oz/yd * 31 = 736.25 g/m

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