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please please help

please please help
by mechele wilson on 05/14/05 at 19:21:48

I have a sick animal that needs .60 mg of a puppy milk replacer but I only have 1cc insulin syringes here.  can anyone convert this for me please

Re: please please help
by Robert Fogt on 05/16/05 at 04:02:21

milligrams (mg) is weight, and cubic centimeters (cc) is volume, and there is no direct conversion between the two.

The conversion would depend on the density of the substance, which would be different for every type of substance.

For example, water has a density of 1 gram/milliliter and evaporated milk has a density of 0.93 gram/milliliter.

If you were to estimate, consider the puppy milk the same density of water, then 0.6 mg would be 0.0006 cubic centimeter.

But with medicine, it is best not to estimate. I strongly encourage you to contact your veterinanian right away and find out for sure. Better safe than sorry.

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