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Please help

Please help
by mpx2005 on 05/31/05 at 04:28:41

I have 587 appels
There are 72 appels in a box
So i have to get 8 boxes and 11 appels
What is the fassest way to calculate on a calculator?????

Re: Please help
by Robert Fogt on 05/31/05 at 19:58:06

First divide your total apples by how many apples per box.

587/72 = 8.152777778

Then drop the numbers after the decimal, that leaves you with 8 boxes.

Now do the same thing, but use the mod key instead of divide.

587 Mod 72 = 11

There you have 8 boxes, with 11 left over.

If your calculator does not have a Mod key, then do it by hand.  Take the total boxes, times the number of apples per box, and subtract that from your total apples.

8 * 72 = 576
587 - 576 = 11

I may not have explained it very well, but thats how you go about it.

Re: Please help
by mpx2005 on 06/03/05 at 14:34:02


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