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Calculus Question

Calculus Question
by henryjo rush on 06/05/05 at 13:35:50

Does anyone know how to answer this question?

A. Air is being pumped into a spherical balloon so that its vaolume increases at a rate of 100cm^3/sec. How fast is the surface area of the balloon increasing when the diameter is 50cm?

B. Using the volume and the surface area formula write an equation connecting the two and find the partial derivative of the volume with respect to the surface area at the given diamter of the balloon.  ???

Re: Calculus Question
by Robert Fogt on 06/06/05 at 20:06:52

I have the following formulas for spheres.

volume = 4/3 * Pi * radiusł

radius = (volume * 3/4 * 1/Pi)[sup]1/3[/sup]

But I don't have the surface area formula handy. Does your book list that formula?

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