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convert mg/m to mg (silica)

convert mg/m to mg (silica)
by Jenny Macarthur on 06/30/05 at 12:17:48

How do I convert mg/m to mg? Or is it possible?  I have 13 mg/m silica and need to find the weight...the total Liters captured were 280.995L.  Sampled at 1.706lpm.

Re: convert mg/m to mg (silica)
by Robert Fogt on 07/01/05 at 04:25:44

I am not completly sure I am following you. You have 280.995 liters of some solution which contains a trace amount (13 mg/m[sup]3[/sup]) of silica?  And you need to find the weight of the silica, not the total weight of the solution right?

280.995 liter = 0.280995 cubic meter

0.280995 cubic meter * 13 milligram/cubic meter = 3.652935 milligrams

If you were looking for the weight of the total solution, would need to know its density.

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