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by halvelin on 07/05/05 at 06:18:14

How do I convert a gas volume from mmscfd (million standard cubic feet per day ?) to metric (m^3/day) ? How about mass flows (kg/hr), I will need to know the density of gas, right ?


Re: mmscfd
by Robert Fogt on 07/06/05 at 07:29:30

You can convert them on the Flow Rate conversion pages.

For Volume:

For Mass:

1 million cubic foot/day = 28,316.847 cubic meter/day

The thing to keep in mind is the use of the word "standard". It means standard temperature and pressure. The standard temperature and pressure may differ from traditional U.S. units and metric units, so be sure to list the temperature.

For example, the standard temperature for Natural Gas (in the U.S.)  is 60 F, so:
1 million standard cubic foot/day = 28,316.847 cubic meter/day [60 F]

You could not say standard cubic meter per day, as the U.S. does not use the same standard temperature.

Re: mmscfd
by Steve Eades on 07/29/05 at 15:46:43

This is an interesting subject, as in the UK a mmscfd means Imperial Standard Cubic Feet!

A Standard Cubic Meter is universally recognised as the SI unit.

Converting from scuffs to cubic meters means using a conversion factor that compensats for the differing standards.

The standard used is 35.3657 scuffs to 1 scm.

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