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Flow rates and pressure

Flow rates and pressure
by Kathryn Borthwick on 07/11/05 at 10:40:35

What is the correlation between air flow rate, in liter per min, to air pressure, in bar or psi?

Re: Flow rates and pressure
by Robert Fogt on 07/15/05 at 06:41:19

There is no direct conversion between flow rate and pressure.

You can have 100 liters per minute with low pressure such as the wind, and 100 liters per minute with high pressure such as through a small pipe.

It is possible there is a formula based on the size of the input/output pipe and friction of the pipe, I am just not aware of it.

Re: Flow rates and pressure
by Ingeniero on 07/20/05 at 12:04:55

>:(  Relation does not exist unless a calibration with some instrument like a tube of pitot and an inclined pressure gauge is generated.  In this case de flow rate can be for example:


when Q is flow rate in liters per time unit
k is a constant of the instrument
A is the tranversal area, perpendicular at the flow rate.

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