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Surface area

Surface area
by TQuiros on 09/07/05 at 13:19:44

I need to know how to calculate surface area of an object. Even if the result is an estimated value.
A good example: If a bolt measures 2 inches in total lenght, 1/2 inch in diameter with the exception of the head areas that measures about 3/4 inch, what would be the estimated surface area?

Re: Surface area
by Robert Fogt on 09/08/05 at 09:36:27

For a bolt, you would take the circumference in inches times the length in inches, and you would get the surface area in square inches.  That would not include the surface area of the two ends, just the middle part.

A 1/2 inch diameter bolt has a circumference of 1.57 inches.

1.57 inch * 2 inch = 3.14 square inches.

Now if you want to include all the surface area, you need to include the two ends. The bottom end is easy, as you just need the surface area of a 1/2 inch circle.

0.196 square inches.

The top part of the bolt would be more difficult, as you would need to measure each of the square parts and such.

I used the Circle Solver to find the area and circumference of the bolt.

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