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BTU- r u up for the challenge?

BTU- r u up for the challenge?
by lukaskick on 10/26/05 at 20:08:07

Hi everyone,
i was just wondering if you can help convert and explaint the following.Determine the amount of BTU’s required to convert the following quantities of water to steam
15 cu. Ft. @ 60 F
I really need to know how to do this. Thank you.

Re: BTU- r u up for the challenge?
by Robert Fogt on 10/27/05 at 08:29:43

I found a site that lists some information on this.


I had always assumed once water reach boiling it was converted to steam by itself, but apparently water vapor and steam are not the same thing and it requires additional energy to convert 212 degree water into steam (an additional 970 Btu per pound).

The author of the above site lists a feedback link so you can contact him directly.

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