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Convert grams into cups or ml

Convert grams into cups or ml
by Caryn on 12/16/05 at 14:40:53

I am trying to convert 150g of castor sugar into cups for a recipe, since I don't have a scale!

Can anyone help?

Thank you

Re: Convert grams into cups or ml
by Robert Fogt on 12/16/05 at 22:17:40

According to the Rec.Cooking.FAQ, castor sugar has a density of 190 grams per cup.

That would be about 0.8 cups.

Here is additional information I found on it:

UK castor/caster sugar is somewhat finer than US granulated sugar. There is a product in the US called superfine sugar, which is about the same as UK castor/caster sugar. It is called "berry sugar" in British Columbia. Usually, you can use granulated sugar in recipes calling for castor/caster sugar and vice versa, but I've got reports of times this didn't work so well! As usual, give the recipe a trial run with the substitute some time when it doesn't need to be perfect.

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