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Need Conversion help please

Need Conversion help please
by Bajawill on 12/16/05 at 14:59:19

Trying to convert 50g/kg into the equivilent g/l (grams per liter) can anyone help me?

Re: Need Conversion help please
by Robert Fogt on 12/16/05 at 22:21:02

What is the substance in question?  Need to know that.

Re: Need Conversion help please
by Bill Smith on 12/17/05 at 12:38:13

polyurethane top coating used for flooring wear surface

Ceramic Miraphen UV-Parquet coatings

Applied on parquet surfaces
Following technical properties and international standards are fulfilled:
kind of like glue or syrup in vicosity

Re: Need Conversion help please
by Robert Fogt on 12/19/05 at 07:41:26

What is the substance it is mixing with.

You have 50 grams of this polyurethane to mix in a certain kilograms of what?

That is the density that is needed.

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