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Computer and Electronics

Several calculators and converters related to Computers and Electronics.

  • Ohm's Law An Ohms Law Calculator. Determine Voltage, Current, Resistance, and Power.
  • Electric Current Convert between most electric current units. Ampere, milliampere, gilbert, siemens volt, volt/ohm, and more...
  • Electric Motor Horsepower A Full Load Amps to Horsepower calculator for Electric AC Motors.
  • Electric Capacitance Conversions relating to capacitance. Farad, jar, puff, kilofarad, decifarad, ampere second/volt, coulomb/volt, more...
  • ASCII Engine Converts any keyboard character to ASCII Decimal/Hex/binary
  • Download Speed Enter a file size and estimate the download speed with various modems.
  • HTML Tools Some HTML tools and tutorials. Including a Color Picker, and Meta Tags generator.
  • Base 2 Convert bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, and More... For computer hard drives and memory sizes.

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