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  • International Friends If you chat or post with friends from different countries, you might find this useful. Basic conversions all in one place, converts things such as height, weight, temperature, and baby size.
  • Chinese Zodiac Determine which Chinese Zodiac symbol you were born under.
  • Weight on Other Planets Ever wondered how much you would weigh on Mars? Now is your chance to find out.
  • Advanced Roman Numerals Converts to and from Roman Numerals and whole numbers.
  • Retire Date Determine how many day until you can retire.
  • Pig Latin Translate a name or phrase into Pig Latin.
  • Häxor Translate to and from English and Häxor.
  • World Population Estimates the current world population.
  • Morse Code Convert your name or message into morse code.
  • Your Age How old you are down to the second, how many seconds old you are, and how long until your next birthday.
  • BAC Check Calculate your Blood-Alcohol Content.
  • BMI Calculator Calculate your Body Mass Index.
  • Day Born Find out what day of the week you were born.
  • Calories Burned Calculate the number of calories you burn running.
  • Running Calculate your time, distance covered, or pace.
  • Driving Distance Find the driving distance between major US cities.
  • Dog Years How old are you in Dog Years?
  • Lottery Numbers Want help picking your lottery numbers?
  • Male Body Calculates a man's ideal body measurements.
  • Pregnancy Estimates the conception date, birth due date, and current fetal age.
  • Typing Test Find out how fast you can type with this simple test.
  • Roman Numerals Converts a numeric year into Roman Numerals.
  • Download Speed Enter a file size and estimate the download speed with various modems.

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