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Miscellaneous Conversions/Calculators

    (ordered by date and popularity)
  • Mesh Calculate the mesh, or wire diameter/opening, of a sieve or filter.
  • Fractions This handy calculator can convert fractions to decimal numbers, and decimal numbers to fractions.
  • Mixing Water Find out the final temperature of a water, steam, or ice solution after mixing together two or more samples.
  • Radiation A few calculators and converters on radiation and radioactivity.
  • Surface Speed of a Wheel Calculate the surface speed of a wheel given the radius and RPM.
  • Objects and Shapes Calculators for working with objects and shapes. Including volume for 3D objects, and area for 2D shapes.
  • Frequency to Wavelength Calculate the wavelength of any frequency.
  • Computers and Electronics Various conversions and calculators related to computers and electronics.
  • Reel Calculator Several calculators for determining the amount of paper or board, the dimensions, or weight of the reel based on the known factors.
  • Tip Calculator Calculate how much to leave as a tip. Even split the bill between multiple people.
  • Gauge Various gauge conversions. Wire Gauge, Sheet metal Gauge, and possibly more in the future.
  • Cholesterol Cholesterol Converter. Convert various cholesterol and glucose units between different standards.
  • Blood Sugar Blood Sugar Converter. Useful for diabetes patients visiting a different country.
  • Automotive Several automotive conversions and calculators.
  • Horse Height Convert Hands to inches, feet, centimeters, and meters.
  • Grade Point Average Calculate your Grade Point Average.
  • Room Area Area Calculator. Enter the length and width to calculate the area. Useful for rooms, yards, gardens, anything rectangular in shape.
  • Nails Many different types of American nails. With technical data and qty/pound calculator. Including common, roofing, finishing, and box.
  • Brix to Baumé Convert to and from Brix degrees and Baume degrees. Used in syrup, wine, juice, malt, and others.
  • Typography Convert pica and points to inches or centimeters.
  • Water Weight Convert a volume of water to weight, and vice versa.
  • Wind Chill Calculate the wind chill factor
  • Phone Number Converts a alphanumeric phone number to its numeric equivalent
  • Airport Calculator Find the degrees, Miles, and Kilometers between two airports
  • Atmosphere A calculator to help with Atmospheric calculations
  • Armor A Armor Penetration calculator
  • BAC Check Calculate your Blood-Alcohol Content
  • Circle Solver Calculate circle area, diameter, and circumference
  • Cosine Calculator Enter the adjacent and hypotenuse angles to find the cosine angle
  • Expression Solver You can solve mathematical expressions using this calculator
  • Group Work Calculate how long for two people to complete a task
  • Lap Time Calculates the average lap time required to finish a race in the time you enter
  • Leap Year Determine if a year is a leap year.
  • Percent Take the guess work out of percentages
  • Prime Easily determine if a number is prime or not.
  • Meeting Room Size Find the approximate room size you'll need depending on your meeting room setup and the number of attendees.
  • Roman Numerals Converts a numeric year into Roman Numerals.
  • Advanced Roman Numerals Converts to and from Roman Numerals and whole numbers.
  • Field Depth Determine the field depth and amount that will be in focus in a photograph
  • Quaternions A Euler angle and Quaternion conversion calculator

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